Le Moulin Lasnier

301 rue de la Fontaine

41130 Meusnes


We are located in the village of Meusnes along the Cher River between the two towns St Aignan sur Cher and Selles sur Cher. The "Moulin" is on the road between Meusnes and La Vernelle.

Starting from Paris area, you will need 2h and 2h30 depending of the trafic.

- In Paris Peipherique, you have to take the direction of the Highway A10 « Orléans Chartres Bordeaux » or A6B (porte d’Orléans) or the road N118 (porte de St Cloud)

- Just after the "Péage de Dourdan St Arnoult" follow the direction « Orléans Bordeaux »

- In Orléans continue to « Blois Bordeaux »

- Leave the Highway A10 in BLOIS

- To the first crossway take the direction BLOIS

- In the following crossway take the direction « Châteauroux ». You will cross the Loire River.

- In the crossway after the stores area Vineuil, take thedirection « Contres Châteauroux »

You're going to cross the villages Cellettes and Cormeray and Contres

- Inside Contres take the direction Selles sur Cher

You're going to cross the village Chémery

In arriving in Selles sur Cher at the first light turn on the right left direction « Châteauroux Valençay » and after two following light turn on the right direction « Valençay »

You're going to cross the Cher River

- Follow the direction « Valençay » in the following crossway

You will arrive to the village La Vernelle.

After "la mairie" turn on the right « Moulin Lasnier »

Follow the road, You're arrived , Welcome.

During the Winter or if you prefer drive on the Highway, you can follow these instructions :

If you have a GPS you're system can propose to you ban other way: on the highway A10, in Orléans follow Vierzon Bourges A71, before Vierzon, direction TOURS A85 and leave in Chémery Selles sur Cher

After teh highway direction Selles sur Cher (even if you're system propose to cross Châtillon sur Cher) and now you can follow the instructions in the top of this page

This way can be more rapid if you don't like the small and country roads (BLOIS SELLES s/ CHER 40 Km) But the price of the highway is more expensive (200 Km instead of 140km) and you have 30 km more .